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ASPS Releases Migraine Surgery Position Statement

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has released its official position on the utilization of peripheral nerve surgery for the treatment of chronic headaches/migraines.  The world’s largest plastic surgical society has concluded that the “long-term effects of surgical intervention for MH cannot be reasonably attributed to placebo.”  This statement helps formalize a treatment option for migraine sufferers that may not have been available or visible to them in the past and may help start them on a path to significant relief.

“I am so proud of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for formally supporting the concept of surgical intervention for chronic headaches and migraines, am proud to have been at the forefront of these procedures and to be a part of their ongoing development.” – Ziv M. Peled, MD

Patient Impact

Thousands of patients in the US and around the world have already experienced the benefits of peripheral nerve surgery for their chronic headaches.  This development will hopefully further raise awareness of this treatment modality thereby encouraging many more people, for whom conventional therapy has been unsuccessful to discuss these procedures with their treating physicians. When traditional methods have failed and left patients with debilitating migraines that stretch on for years, peripheral nerve surgery has proven to be effective in reducing or eliminating the symptoms by relieving the pressure on the nerve(s) that causes these terrible headaches. Peripheral nerve surgery has been demonstrated to be effective in more commonly recognized nerve pathologies such as carpal tunnel and tarsal tunnel syndrome, but has also been proven to work on nerves in the head and neck when the nerves have become impinged or crowded by scar tissue (e.g. in whiplash injuries) and surrounding spastic muscle.  By demonstrating their support for surgical intervention, the ASPS is giving patients that may have been hesitant to explore this option another reason to believe in its efficacy. This statement will aid many migraine sufferers as the procedure becomes more mainstream.  Ziv M. Peled, MD has been performing this surgery for many years and has helped hundreds of patients lessen or eliminate their migraines.

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