In this episode, Ziv M. Peled, MD speaks with board-certified neurologist, Pamela Blake, MD about the role of peripheral nerves in "unremitting head and / or neck pain".
4:00 I recently shared your paper on unremitting head and / or neck pain. Can you share a summary of your findings and thoughts?
5:50 Headaches are generally considered intracranial processes, a chemical abnormality of the brain. Your paper really bridges the idea that an injured nerve could have a similar presentation as a migraine. Can you talk about that?
9:30 Amongst your colleagues in the neurology community, are you finding that people are open to these ideas?
10:46 You recently opened a headache practice with plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlton Perry. Can you tell us about the make-up of that practice?
11:40 Take us through what would happen when a patient presents to your office.
15:35 Tell me a bit more about your use of cognitive behavioral therapy. When does that begin?
18:35 Another thing that I found interesting in your papers is your view on the role of opiates for treatment and also if a patient is a candidate for surgery. Can you talk about your thinking here?
21:45 How do you see headache medicine changing in the next 5 - 10 years?
25:00 When I started doing these operations and interacting with my neurology colleagues, a patient could go the surgical route or the medical route but they weren't complementary. One of the things that I believe will make a big difference to the standard of care and outcomes for headache patients is taking a multi-disciplinary approach. Any thoughts on that?