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Interview with a Migraine Surgery Patient


                             Before                                                 After                                                     After
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What is your name? – Jodi Oldes

Where are you from? – Sacramento, CA

What was happening in your life before the headaches became chronic? – I don’t really recall a time when I didn’t have chronic headaches. I have had them as long as I can remember.

Describe a good day with chronic pain. – A good day would be a slight and controllable pain and the ability to be in the sun, smell a fragrance, and get through the day without triggering intense pain. Describe a bad day. What does/did the pain feel like. It felt like a vice on my head that was cinched tight with no relief, no position to sit, and then an ice pick feeling at the top of the cinched area. 

Where did you experience the pain? – It was above my right eye moving up into the top of my skull or a band across the top of my head from ear to ear.

What meds were you taking? – all of them. Most recent was Imitrex, Maxalt, muscle relaxers, and a new shot.

Did you have any success with other pain relief methods besides medication? – I did chiropractic, massage, essential oils, magnesium supplements, vitamins, creams, IV fluids with vitamins, and cut my hair short.

How did you hear about Dr Peled? – I had researched Dr. Anne Peled for a different health issue. During my consultation with her, she referred me to her husband, Dr. Ziv Peled for my migraines. She requested that I be seen in his office, last-minute that same day, since I was coming from out of town.

What inspired you to speak with him? – I was on intermittent disability and my work was getting frustrated by my frequent absences. I needed to do something. I was spending 3 to 4 days a week in a dark room with a debilitating migraine. I had one month to figure out something or go on full disability.

Tell me about your surgery, including when you had it, what happened. – I had it the Friday before Christmas 2018. Recovery went well, slight bruising and little pain.

Do you remember how you felt in the first few days after surgery? – I kept up on my meds, slept, rested and felt good.

How are you feeling now? – Feeling fantastic. I get nervous when I get a slight headache but take Tylenol and it subsides.

How has your life changed as a result of this surgery? – I can go in the sun, I can work up a sweat without fear of a migraine. I can travel and know that I wilI be able to enjoy the trip. I am living a normal life.

What is next for you? – Continued living!

What would you say to anyone wondering whether to meet Dr Peled? – Don’t wait.

Describe your overall experience with Dr. Peled and his office. – The office team, Cary-Anne and Christina, couldn’t be nicer or more helpful!

Do you have any advice for prospective patients who are thinking of coming to the practice? – Don’t be scared. Ziv is a PHENOMINAL surgeon.

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