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Real Patient Stories: Shirley

Shirley 3

What is your name?

 Shirley Jaeger

Where are you from?

 Brisbane, Australia

What was happening in your life before the headaches became chronic?

 I worked as a nurse for many years which eventually caused neck pain. I had a neck operation to alleviate the pain where they replaced the disc between C3/C4 with a metal cage.

How long ago was that?

 The neck operation was here, in Australia, March 2014. The operation left me with chronic pain above my left eye.

Describe a good day with chronic pain.

 5 on a scale of 10, but good days are rare.

Describe a bad day. What does/did the pain feel like?

 10 on a scale of 10, which included bad migraine symptoms.

Where did you experience the pain?

 At the supraorbital notch, near the middle of my left eyebrow, radiating out into most of my head.

What meds were you taking?

 I was unable to take opioid derivatives as I am allergic. I tried six other prescription drugs but they offered no relief and/or made me feel sick. A low dose of Gabapentin I could take, but still got very little relief.

Did you have any success with other pain relief methods besides medication?

 I received 10 Botox injections, on two separate visits, without success. I tried expensive, medical-grade cannabis oil--working up to a high dose--without any effect at all. For 6 months, I wore the Cefaly Tens head electrodes approximately 4 hours per day with no relief. I also tried handheld Tens treatments at the physiotherapists’ office. I then had a temporary, trial electrical nerve stimulator implanted underneath my skin, near my eyebrow, which very slightly reduced my pain, sometimes. During these years, I also had several anaesthetic block injections in the forehead and neck. These assorted treatments were the result of visiting three different, well-established, pain clinics, but in the end, no option provided sufficient pain relief.

How did you hear about Dr Peled?

 In despair, after suffering for 4 years, I joined a local, self-help group on Facebook where I read an article by Dr. Peled.

What inspired you to speak with him?

 I wrote to him, explaining how I had had dozens of types of scans, consultations with several top neurologists and neurosurgeons, and even a gamma-ray operator, without a solution. He then organized a Skype consultation with me.

Tell me about your surgery, including when you had it, what happened.

 My surgery with Dr. Peled was in May of 2018. The operation lasted for a bit over an hour. The pain originated from the supraorbital nerve, which did not have enough blood supply from the artery, due to restricted flow where the artery exits the skull. Dr. Peled corrected the blood flow issue during the operation, thereby rejuvenating the problem nerve.

 Do you remember how you felt in the first few days after surgery?

 I had nausea caused by an allergic reaction to the strong pain relief medication, but otherwise, I felt a lot better.

How are you feeling now?

 My pain is no longer. I still have slight nerve tingles in the area where I had the operation, but feel confident that these will lessen month by month.

How has your life changed as a result of this surgery?

 I am back to doing activities I did not do for over 4 years and now enjoy life again.

What is next for you?

 To go on a holiday with my husband.
What would you say to anyone wondering whether to meet Dr Peled?

 A consultation with Dr. Peled is worth every bit. My many other consultations before meeting Dr. Peled cost me a lot and achieved nothing.

Describe your overall experience with Dr. Peled and his office.

 Very professional and caring.

Do you have any advice for prospective patients who are thinking of coming to the practice?

 Have all your facts ready for discussion and bring any supporting scans, including reports. Ask his team for advice on how best to make your visit a success.

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