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Seattle Migraine and Headache Surgery


Seattle is home to just under 1 million people.  Since 18% of women and 6% of men suffer from debilitating migraines, this means that almost 180,000 women and 60,000 men suffer from the headaches.  Where can these people turn to for treatment of migraines?  Seattle Migraine and Headache Surgery is available for you.

Up the coast in San Francisco, Dr. Ziv Peled specializes in migraine and headache surgery, giving Californians an opportunity for migraine relief.  Dr. Peled uses peripheral nerve surgery to relieve the tension around the nerves that are causing the migraines.

Surgical decompression for chronic headaches is performed as an outpatient procedure at an accredited surgery center or in the outpatient department of the California Pacific Medical Center. The procedures can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the number and locations of the nerves being treated. There are few restrictions following the procedure and discomfort is usually very well tolerated with oral pain medication. 

As an outpatient surgery, you can come to our San Francisco offices or .  You can be back home that night, well on your way to recovery from your migraines.  Dr. Peled has performed hundreds of these procedures.  Our testimonials page is filled with patients thanking Dr. Peled for changing their lives for the better.

If you are in Seattle or any of the surrounding areas and are suffering from migraines, we can help.

Call Dr. Peled today at 415-751-0583 and visit to learn more about how peripheral nerve surgery can help you with your headaches.  Headache surgery in Los Angeles can be a phone call away.

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