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When Migraines Strike In San Francisco, Can Outpatient Surgery Help?

My name is Dr Ziv Peled. Welcome to the blog for my practice, Peled Migraine Surgery. I live in San Francisco, CA and work as an Plastic Surgeon at Peled Migraine Surgery. Contact the author at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When migraines strike, the first thought in many San Francisco residents' minds is "ouch".  After that, they think "medication".  But is medication really the answer to severe headache pain?  While some medication can help alleviate the pain of a migraine in some patients, sometimes they don’t work, they often require chronic use, and sometimes they only work for a short time and then stop working altogether.  When conservative modalities have failed, as they do for many, there is another option.  Peripheral nerve surgery has been clinically proven, when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in such procedures, to reduce pain and change people's lives, potentially permanently.  

Axon -mediumLiving with chronic, severe headache pain can be a nightmare, and peripheral nerve surgery can help.  But what is a "peripheral nerve"?  A peripheral nerve simply refers to a nerve outside of the brain and spinal cord.  These nerves, and the surrounding tissue, can become inflamed, causing intense pain.  Such pain is not that different from the pain experienced by someone who steps on a tack with their big toe.  The nerves in the toe become activated and send pain signals back to the brain. If a peripheral nerve in the head/neck is activated because of compression or inflammation those same pain signals may develop and can be a source of migraines.  When it is determined that this is the issue, the problem can be alleviated with a surgical procedure that decompresses the nerve in the hopes of reducing those signals. Recent research has demonstrated that just like at the wrist, there are nerves within the head and neck that are compressed and that decompressing them, can produce significant or even complete relief that can be permanent.

I have been performing peripheral nerve surgery all over the body in San Francisco for a number of years.   My practice now includes many former chronic headache patients who suffered from nerve compression very similar to that which I had been treating for years in the trunk, arms and legs.  I have operated on several hundred nerves in the head/neck and my very positive results with these patients has validated my choice to help people stricken with migraines and other forms of chronic headaches.  I firmly believe that peripheral nerve surgery can help people living with this condition live a more normal life, with significantly reduced or possibly no headache pain.  The gratitude expressed by these patients is the reason that I became a physician in the first place, and I hope that every physician feels the same way I do every day when I come into the office.

For more information about peripheral nerve surgery, and migraine surgery in San Francisco, CA, visit today, and call 415-751-0583 to schedule an appointment.

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