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Ziv M. Peled, M.D. Answered Your Burning Migraine Questions Episode 5 March 7, 2019


Ziv M. Peled, MD answers your Burning Migraine Questions! In Episode 5:
0:34 Is Occipital Neuralgia considered a headache, a migraine or something else?
6:15 What is a neuroleptic?
6:32 Several years after my surgery, I still have a hyper-sensitive or numb area after nerve decompression (surgery). What does that mean?
10:30 Botox didn't work for my headaches; it actually made my headaches and neuralgia ten times worse. Why does it work for most people but it didn't work for me?
16:00 How do hormones affect migraines?
20:15 What are the different types of nerve blocks used to treat Occipital Neuralgia?

Ziv M. Peled, M.D. Answered Your Burning Migraine ...
Am I Safe For Migraine Surgery?


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