FThere are few of us out there who do not wish to change something about our bodies. While nothing can substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including proper diet and exercise, despite our best efforts we cannot escape our genetics and, to some degree, our environments. Fortunately, there are a number of cosmetic surgical procedures that can enhance the appearance of our bodies. These procedures can produce very satisfying improvements in look and contour. In addition, they can also lead to an improvement in self-esteem.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)Female1

A tummy tuck, is one of the most powerful surgical procedures in the plastic surgeon's armamentarium. This procedure removes skin and fat from the abdominal region and is combined with a tightening of the inner abdominal corset (fascia) to ensure a lasting result. Incisions can usually be made below the upper border of where the underwear or a bikini bottom is worn, thus virtually "hiding" the scar. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, usually in an outpatient setting. Patients are sent home with drains in place along with a pain pump that administers a Novocain-like substance into the abdominal wall to minimize postoperative pain, ultimately permitting patients to be out of bed for light activity almost immediately. Patients can usually shower after 48 hours. In addition, it is very important for patients to follow precise postoperative instructions which include taking two weeks off from work and no straining or lifting heavy objects for 6 weeks. Strict adherence to these instructions helps optimize successful and satisfying results.

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Plastic surgery has the power to improve a person’s appearance as well as their confidence and overall outlook on life. With that concept in mind, one of the most personal aspects of a women's body image can be the appearance of the labia and its effects on the appearance of the vaginal region as a whole. A dysmorphic or asymmetric appearance in this area can be the source of embarrassment and even discomfort when engaging in certain activities, particularly intimate or athletic ones.

bikini line borderFortunately, there is a procedure known as a labiaplasty designed to improve and enhance the appearance of this anatomic region. Most commonly, women are troubled by the appearance of asymmetric or enlarged labia minora (the inner vaginal skin folds that surround the entrance to the vagina), especially when they protrude far outside of the labia majora (or outer vaginal skin folds outside of the labia minora).

For optimal patient comfort, labiaplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. During the procedure, the excess or asymmetric labial skin is meticulously trimmed and a careful closure is performed to minimize the appearance of any scarring. Following the procedure, a feminine pad is usually worn under usual clothing for about 2 weeks as a small amount of spotting may occur. Strenuous exercise (including intercourse), tampons and very snug clothing are restricted for several weeks, but there is little else in the way of limitations. Some discomfort and swelling is common, but is usually very well tolerated and successfully treated with oral pain medication. Within a few weeks, the swelling and discomfort subside and the appearance of the labia begins to take on its final form. Labiaplasty has the power to potentially restore both form and improve confidence, often helping to make a woman feel “whole” again.

Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

With the advent of stomach stapling surgery (a.k.a. gastric bypass, bariatric surgery), plastic surgeons have seen a surge in the number of patients who are seeking to improve their physical appearance after losing anywhere from 50-250 pounds. Improvements can be made in sagging breasts, sagging arm tissues, excess abdominal skin, loose thigh skin, and even a droopy buttock region. While each patient has different goals and desires, often several or all of these areas need to be addressed in an individual person. This undertaking often requires several surgical procedures performed at different times. As always, but specifically with regards to body contouring after massive weight loss, safety is a top priority. Dr. Peled coordinates your surgical procedures with the other physicians who are managing your diet and overall health to assess your specific needs and ensure an optimal outcome

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One of the most popular plastic surgical procedures available today, liposuction is a safe and effective way to achieve an improved body contour with small incisions and minimal scarring along with relatively limited downtime. Liposuction can be performed on the abdomen, the thighs, legs, the flanks ("love handles"), the chin, the arms, and even the back. Several small incisions are made at various points in relatively inconspicuous areas and a special solution (tumescent solution) is instilled into the subcutaneous tissues. Subsequently, a specific instrument known as a cannula attached to a vacuum device is used to remove the subcutaneous fat, thus sculpting a particular area of the body to the desired contour. After the operation, patients must wear a compression garment for three weeks to speed up the healing process. Bruising may be present for several weeks thereafter and because of the solution used, patients may initially appear "fuller" than before the operation. This appearance is temporary as the fluid is absorbed by the body over the first 1-2 weeks. The majority of patients often take no more than one week off from work. Clearly, the more extensive the liposuction procedure, the more recovery time will be necessary.

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery (gynecomastia)

The presence of prominent breast tissue in a male can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment. Using a combination of surgical excision and liposuction, this excess breast tissue can be permanently removed yielding an improved contour. As with liposuction surgery, patients usually wear a compression garment for several weeks afterwards, but most people can return to work within a few days and to full activity within 3-4 weeks.

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rr01Thigh Lift

For some people, despite many hours of hard work at the gym and a proper diet, there are specific areas of the body that never seem to improve in contour and appearance to the desired degree. The presence of excess skin and fat on the inner aspects of the thighs is an example of one such area. Depending on an individual's body type and their specific needs and desires, incisions can be made in the groin crease and/or on the inner aspect of the thigh. The excess tissue is then removed and the remaining tissues tightened are to improve overall appearance. Compression garments are worn for several weeks postoperatively and light activity can usually resume within a few days. Strenuous activity may be resumed within 6 weeks.

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Arm Lift (brachioplasty)al

Many of the features of this procedure are similar to those noted for thigh lift. Unlike the thigh lift, usually a straight incision is made on the inner aspect of the arm so as to minimize scarring after the operation. As noted above, excess tissue is removed and the remaining tissues are tightened to improve overall appearance. Compression garments must be worn for several weeks postoperatively and light activity usually resumes within a few days. More strenuous activity may be resumed within several weeks.

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