Gummy Smiles: How Can I Fix It?

The Best Way To Eliminate a Gummy Smile



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I often have patients ask me “What can I do about my smile? I see too much of my upper gums when I smile and can’t seem to fix it!” For those who don’t suffer from this problem I know it may seem like a minor issue, but being self-conscious about one’s appearance when that person is supposedly at their happiest can cause numerous self-esteem issues. 
What causes Excessive Upper Gingival Show, AKA a “gummy smile”? There are several factors that can cause this appearance. An abnormal eruption of your teeth, wherein the teeth push through the gums in an unusual manner, is one cause. Your teeth can also be covered by excessive gum tissue, which make them appear short, regardless of their actual size. For many patients, however, the muscles controlling your upper lip are hyperactive thus forcing your upper lip to rise further than normal with an attempted smile. This hyperactivity causes your gums to become exposed more than the normal amount. 
Fortunately, for this latter group there is now a relatively simple and straightforward way to deal with the problem of excessive upper gingival show. This treatment involves no surgery, only 2-4 Botox injections that take about 5 minutes to perform and can be safely done over your lunch break. The treatment effects typically last several months and can be repeated as necessary. The Botox works by relaxing some of the hyperactive smile muscles thus allowing your lip to rise more naturally and producing a result that you can be happy with. It will really give you something to smile about!

 Post Injection:

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