Dr. Peled is my hero, plain & simple. Prior to meeting him I suffered with debilitating painful migraines my whole adult life. At my worst I had 20 days a month with migraines & had very poor quality of life. I had tried Botox, nerve blocks, cortisone between my vertebrae & a litany of preventative meds all with little to no success. When I met Dr. Peled for a consult, he patiently listened to my long horrible history, then he took one look at the back of my neck & he knew immediately he could help me. We then had a successful round of Botox in very specific places, afterwhich he was certain he could help me with the Periferal Nerve Release surgery. Even if it was just to lessen the severity or frequency of my migraines, I was willing to try anything. Even as Dr. Peled explained the procedure & his success rates, I wasn't expecting much & I never thought I'd be one of his lucky ones. However, to my surprise after 2 PNR surgeries in different areas, I am now 3 years post-op & 100% migraine free!!! I cannot tell you, unless you've suffered with horrible endless migraines, what a miracle it is to live a migraine-free life. Dr. Peled truly gave me a new lease on life and I will be forever grateful to him for it! I am walking proof that surgeons like Dr. Peled, can and do perform miracles! AK


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