Plastic surgery has the power to improve a person’s appearance and confidence as well as their Ziv New_4-7outlook on and quality of life. Whether in San Francisco or Walnut Creek, we here at Peled Plastic Surgery make it our priority to be enthusiastic about meeting patients, hearing about their goals and desires, and sharing with them the possibilities for rejuvenation, relief and renewal.
Dr. Peled, a Board-Certified plastic surgeon and his staff have made it their mission to assist each individual to realize his or her full potential by providing the safest and best care with the most current techniques available. You may be suffering from migraines or occipital neuralgia and interested in learning how surgeons sometimes use Botox for migraines to diagnose if they are candidates for surgery.  Concurrently, you may want to discuss the newest migraine headache surgery used to treat these disorders. You might be looking for subtle aesthetic changes with Botox or Juvederm, a new body contour with breast augmentation, liposuction or tummy tuck, or a new look with a rhinoplasty or facelift.  Alternatively, you may struggling with a deformity resulting from cancer or discomfort from meralgia paresthetica.  Whatever the case may be, we here at Peled Plastic Surgery can help you realize your aspirations. Dr. Peled is known for his attention to detail and to his patients, helping them to understand each step along their journey.   In this way, we can help you to achieve natural, long lasting results with minimal downtime and maximum comfort.

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