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Dr. Peled Will Be presenting on A Novel Temporal Approach To Chronic Temporal Headaches at the California Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting May 22-25, 2015!  

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Dr. Peled Was interviewed In USA Today!

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Dr. Peled profiled in the John Muir Physician Newsletter
discussing new hope for migraine sufferers!

American Society of Plastic Surgeons - www.plasticsurgery.org

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01/25/11 Dr. Peled was recently listed in Marin Magazine in their "Best Doctors" issue (Feb 2011). Please visist Marin Magazine to read more.

Dr. Peled was recently interviewed on NBC about a new breakthrough in migraine therapy. During surgery, nerves which are pinched in the neck are decompressed with the hopes of relieving the pain associated with migraine headaches. Utilizing his experience with peripheral nerve surgery, Dr. Peled has successfully performed such procedures which can be life-changing. If you would like more information, please contact one of our offices at (415) 751-0583 or (925) 933-5700.


We are now proud to offer SkinMedica products and services as part of our skin care program. If you would like more information about these innovative and powerful products, please contact one of our offices at (415) 751-0583 or (925) 933-5700 for more information.


Dr. Peled has been selected by his peers to be included in the Best Doctors in America 2011-2012 database. The selection process for this honor involves an exhaustive peer-review survey by other physicians included in the database. Only those candidates who earn the consensus support of their peers are included. Unlike many other claims of being "top-this" or "most-that", doctors cannot buy listings in this database.


Dr. Peled was recently elected into the American Society for Peripheral Nerve, a highly selective and prestigious group of surgeons who have already made substantive contributions to the field of peripheral nerve surgery!


Dr. Peled was recently elected into the California Society of Plastic Surgeons!


Dr. Peled has been asked to be a presenter at the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) meeting in Monterey on October 24. His talk will focus on the surgical treatment diabetic neuropathy.


We are now proud to offer Latisse, the first and olny FDA-approved medication proven to make eyelashes darker,longer, and thicker. Please visit www.latisse.com for more information.


Dr. Peled was recently elevated to active membership in the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons!


Dr. Peled recently completed the "Surgical Treatment of Migraine Headaches" course at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Taught by the pioneer of these procedures and a leader in the field of plastic surgery Dr. Bahman Guyuron, this course has added to the breadth of peripheral nerve surgical procedures that Dr. Peled is capable of offering his patients. To read more, please click on the 'Peripheral Nerve Surgery' link on the left side of this page.


As recently reported in Plastic Surgery News, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in collaboration with the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have created a new website designed for the express purpose of educating those patients interested in cosmetic procedures about the multitude of options available to them. The site is called http://www.beautyforlife.com/. It even has an interactive quiz that prosepctive patients can take and which matches their information with tips on lifestyle modifications and cosmetic procedures that might best help them achieve their beauty or anti-aging goals, thus creating a personalized plan.


Dr. Peled to speak at John Muir Medical Center - Concord Grand Rounds on, "A Role for Surgery in Diabetic Neuropathy".


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