It is estimated that there are over 35 million migraine sufferers in the United States. In fact, one in four households has at least one migraine sufferer. Traditional treatments for migraines consist of some combination of preventive measures (such as avoiding things that you know will trigger a migraine), medications that will stop a migraine once it has started, and therapies/medicines designed to prevent migraines from occuring in the first place. These remedies are based on the long-held theory that nerves within the brain become irritated and subsequently cause hypersensitivity, irritation, and inflammation in the peripheral nerves (i.e. those in the periphery of the body or not in the brain/spinal cord). Irritation of the peripheral nerves in the forehead, temple, or back of the scalp/head can cause the perception of pain or a migraine. A newer concept suggests that it is irritation of the peripheral nerves first that subsequently causes sensitization of the nerves within the brain and leads to the perception of a severe headache such as a migraine. Using this concept, plastic surgeons first developed the surgical procedures which can help prevent or minimize the irritation of these peripheral nerves. These procedures have since been refined and multiple studies have since been published which demonstrate that migraines caused by nerve irritation or compression can be very effectively treated in this manner. In addition, these operations can be performed on an outpatient basis. Dr. Peled has successfully performed numerous such procedures which have resulted in tremendous benefits to his patients. He has also lectured extensively on the topic to other physicians and surgeons and even taught other surgeons how to perform the procedures themselves. For more information on these potentially life-changing operations, please call our office to schedule a consultation.
Dr. Peled discusses new hope for migraines on NBC News 11 in San Francisco! {flv}dr peled on nbc.flv|400|300{/flv}


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