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There are literally millions of patients in the United States and many more worldwide who suffer from problems related to peripheral nerves, meaning those nerves outside of your spinal cord or brain. One of the pioneers in this field is Dr. A. Lee Dellon whose life’s work has focused on peripheral nerves and developing surgical treatments for those patients suffering from neuropathy caused by diabetes, chemotherapy treatments, heavy metal poisoning, thyroid disease and other causes. More recently, surgical treatment options have also been defined for patients suffering from chronic pain in the groin area and knee. These procedures have the potential to help a great many people. Dr. Peled spent an entire year at the Dellon Institute in Tucson, Arizona after completing his plastic surgery training at Harvard. During that time, he learned how to evaluate these patients and perform these operations. He has brought his experience and knowledge in treating such patients to the Bay Area as a component of his surgical practice.

The results from these surgical procedures can often be life-changing in that patients may experience reduced pain, relief from pain, and may have improvements in sensation to their hands and feet. These benefits may translate into patients being able to come off of narcotic medications, to have improved balance resulting in fewer falls, and to resume their former lives. Moreover, many of these procedures take fewer than two hours to complete and are performed on an outpatient basis. However, these operations are not for everyone and the only way to determine who is a good surgical candidate is to be seen and evaluated by a trained physician. For more information on these procedures, please call our office to speak with Dr. Peled.

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