Good morning Dr. Peled,

Thank you for your email and for being in communication with Dr. Ford. I am hopeful that the path you and Dr. Ford are directing me in will be an answer to what is going on with me internally that has been causing such life-altering pain. I will definitely let you know what happens once I have an appointment with the Stanford rhinologist.

I would be happy to note my experience on the site and will go to facebook as well. I appreciate the opportunity to rule out the procedures you tried and the way in which you went about helping me, both you and Cary-Anne. Thank you, KC


AK TestimonialDear Doc P,

I had to make sure to thank you for your amazing healing powers! You have changed my life so much, my pain is now manageable & my migraines are GONE!!! I dreamt of that long & you & your magic made it happen. I can't thank you enough, you gave me my life back!
Thank you so very much,




I was referred to Dr. Peled after my physicians were unable to do anything permanent about the nerve pain I was experiencing in my lower leg. He performed a lengthy and careful examination and then let me know that he believed that the pain was caused by a compressed (pinched) nerve. Dr. Peled was careful to suggest that nothing was certain but that he felt strongly that decompression surgery would help to relieve the pain. Following the surgery, the pain persisted but Dr. Peled had suggested that it could take some time. Several weeks ago, I realized that there was no pain at all. I could not be happier with the result.


M D Testimonial

Dear Dr. Peled,

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write you this letter. I guess you could say I've just been very busy enjoying all the things that I have waited so long to do. As you know, after injuring myself at work 3 years ago my life has been horribly altered. I was unable to work, hardly able to get around onj my leg, and unable to do any of the things that I enjoyed. On top of this, I was in constant physical pain. My injury had taken a serious toll on me physically, financially and emotionally. When I came to you, I had already had 2 surgeries that were unsuccessful and I was feeling pretty hopeless. Now I'm happy to say that your surgery has given me back my life. I have returned to work and all my favorite activities. My life is better financially and emotionally. All thanks to you. Words cannot truly express all you have done for me. I will be forever grateful.

Sincerely M D

V and P Testimonial Peled

Dr. Peled,

Thank you so much for everything! My headache is gone & I can now work on having my life back! You did a great job on my surgery & you have been so nice & caring throughout this whole process. You gave me back my life & I don't know how I can thank you enough! I wish you all the joys + happiness that life has to offer you!


I feel so blessed to have found the ON group + you + thank you so much for giving hope to my daughter + giving her life back. I thank you for all you do!


This has been a miracle cure for me. I have been completely headache free since February, 2014. I had not gone more than a couple of days without a headache in over 25 years.

My life is so full. I continue to be grateful to Dr. Peled.

Cathy H

Mary S CardDear Doctor Peled and Cary-Anne

Thank you so much for the graduation card you sent me! It was so sweet, and means a lot, that you two would follow a single patient with such care! I remember being to the point of scoffing whenever anyone said I would "look back" on my headache. It has been an amazing 6 months, and now I am remembering. It is past, and thanks to you. I can start college without pain hindering my efforts and dreams. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Mary S




I wanted to take a minute and thank you and Dr. Peled. When we first came there, Baily was in so much pain that her eyes had started to loose their joy and sparkle. I was watching my daughter slowly change into someone I didn't know because of all the pain that she was suffering day in and day out. So many nights we spent in tears praying we would find answers and get her well. I want to thank you for giving me my daughter back. She is smiling, joking, laughing and being a teenage brat again :). Watching Baily go through this has been one of the hardest journeys of our lives and we are forever grateful that we found Dr. Peled and the answers we needed to get her back to being well. Thank you!

I had this surgery performed in my temporal area last fall, and I am SO PLEASED with the results! I still have chronic daily headaches but the severity has been SIGNIFICANTLY reduced, and the surgical area is 95% pain free.


When my husband was researching for someone and at this point anyone to relieve my debilitating migraines he researched for days. I had seen every neurologist, every pain specialist, and every migraine specialist across the country with no luck. I had tried EVERY procedure. EVERY medication with no relief. After my neurostimulator came out for the 30th time we had it. That's when my husband came across peripheral nerve surgeons. Like I said earlier after days and days of research on different drs. Dr Peled kept coming up. He had great testimonials, lots of research and most of all he gave insight into what was causing the horrid migraines. By this time I was back admitted to the hospital to control the pain of the migraines. We got in contact with Cary-Anne Alvord Dr Peled's office manager and we found HOPE! We were desperate but gun shy. We Skype with Dr Peled and we were on a plane two days later. I am happy to report that our research paid off. It's been 5 months, 2 procedures and NOT one migraine. It's a miracle. Honestly had we not done the research and met with Dr Peled we would still be chasing an answer. I've been so lucky to find such a kind, knowledgeable and understanding Dr. If you suffer from migraines you MUST see Dr Peled. He has changed my life and can certainly do the same for you. Thank you Doc. From your most grateful patient!


I had peripheral nerve decompression surgery done by Dr. Ziv Peled in San Francisco. I am headache free. I had one surgery done in October of last year and was probably 80% headache free. I had a second surgery done in February of this year. I am now headache free. I suffered for so many years with migraines and the medications I had to take in order to function at any level. I feel so good and so grateful. My neurologist, who had become a friend over the years, would not even read the literature that I printed out for him regarding the procedure. My daughter-in-law, who is a pharmacist, was the only one willing to thoroughly research the procedure. It is because of her willingness to investigate something new and her encouragement, as well as my confidence in Dr. Peled, that I had the surgery. There are no words to express my gratitude for the new lease on life that I have.

It is so sad that people whose lives could be helped by this procedure are discouraged by their own physicians. I think of this quote. "Contempt prior to investigation leaves a man in everlasting ignorance". I am exercising, losing weight, planning events......doing all the normal things that one does without a headache or drugs or the fear of getting a headache. Thank you again for everything!!


BS Testimonial


PE Testimonial

DP Testimonial

DV 1

Today I Had my 3 week follow up with Dr Peled. Shocked to report NO migraines since surgery. I have decreased half my medications in such a short amount of time. No medication needed for migraine pain just post op which is improving rapidly. My life is coming back. I never thought I would be so comfortable. Can't wait to report more progress next week as I start to become more active! Grateful doesn't even begin to describe my feelings got Dr Peled and of course the great Cari Ann

Cary Anne and Dr. Peled,
I want to thank you both for all your help in making my life so much better! In SO many ways. Again thank you for making my life something I treasure and look forward to daily.


Dr. Peled,
This is just a small "Thank You" for all of your efforts in helping me to eliminate the daily pain I used to have. When we first met I was not in a good place mentally - I was discouraged and beaten-down. I am happy to say that is not the case any longer! I'm sure you know this already but you have given me hope that the pain is actually going away AND the negative thoughts I used to have (going far away from the Bay area to end my life) are gone... and I know for good. You saved my life and I hope you know how true that is. Whenever I tell anyone about you I tell them that you are the first doctor I've had that has the "Killer Combo"... you are uber-smart AND you genuinely care about your patients.
As I've mentioned before, I am very fortunate and blessed that our paths crossed. I don't know where I'd be today without you.

Take care and see you soon.

Thank You so much Dr. Peled. You have returned to me a great pleasure... the ability to walk...and enjoy it. The time test was a walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee. I didn't walk the whole thing but the 6 miles over the day only required a few rests. The important part... no pain and no night-time burning. I couldn't have enjoyed my vacation nor would I be able to keep a positive outlook without your help. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough!


A very appreciative patient!!

Dr. Peled Gave Me My Life Back!

Before my nerve surgery I was having headache/migraines amost every day for almost 15 years. After my surgery I am now only having headaches twice a month. Dr. Peled freed me of my chronic pain. There are no words to describe how blessed I am to have found a Doctor that could help me. I would recommend Dr. Peled to everyone! He gave me my life back!


Dr Peled,

Thank you so much for your time this afternoon. I normally HATE sending "thank you" emails but I will see you in two days and wanted you to know how much of an impact your words had with me today. I really appreciate you taking the extra time to talk with me this afternoon. It meant a lot coming from you. I want you to know you are BY FAR the best doctor I have ever had. You have the killer combo of being super-smart AND you care about your patients. Thank you again for taking me on as a patient. I am so lucky our paths have crossed.

See you on Wednesday.


PJHCali Mar 1st, 2013

Dr. Peled is the real deal. His technical skills should be seen as elite. My headaches and neck pain are gone as a result of the surgery. My wife is a 15-year med-surgical/orthopedic nurse and she couldn't believe how well Dr. Peled sewed up my wounds. Dr. Peled's a real pro. His bedside manner is the best of any doctor I've met. He was also very concerned I was comfortable in the days and months following the surgery. He would check in by phone and email. His practice is very efficient. Cary-Anne is a thoughtful, kind, empathetic and very pleasant. A visit to Dr.Peled's office always went off without a hitch. If you are thinking about the peripheral nerve surgery for headaches, Dr. Peled is your guy. I;m still blown away at how much better I feel because of Dr. Peled.

Amber on Mar. 1st, 2013
I suffered from migraines for 2 years. I went to numerous doctors and was on a wide range of serious pain medications. No one could help me or diagnose me. After learning of Dr. Peled I made an appointment with his San Francisco office and within 20 minutes of meeting him he diagnosed me with Occipital Neuralgia and treated me with Botox. Within 3 weeks I had surgery and have been pain and migraine free since. It has been almost a year. Dr. Peled gave me back my life!!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone and will never go to another doctor again!!!! His office staff Cary-Anne and Aimee are the sweetest ladies you will ever meet and go above and beyond their job to help you with anything!!!!

PH on Mar. 1, 2013
I was an occipital neuralgia patient at Stanford's Headache Clinic back in September/October. For that, I am grateful for your efforts and compassion. Everyone at Stanford's Headache Clinic was incredibly pleasant and professional. I tip my hat to you all.

I wanted to let you know I had peripheral nerve surgery with Dr. Ziv Peled on January 3, 2013. The surgery was miraculous. I am off the narcotics, flexiril and imitrex. I am only taking regular tylenol or advil. Going into surgery, I hoped only to be part of the purported 80% (who experience 50% or more relief) but now I'm wondering when I will be off the OTC meds.

The purpose of my email is to give you another data point on the surgery. I'm the least equipped to explain why it was effective (I'm a lawyer by training and a mutual fund portfolio manager by trade) but I can safely provide you with one clear example that this surgery did work. Perhaps, in the future, there will be studies that satisfy a skeptical medical establishment.

I thank you, Dr. Cowan, for your lengthy consideration of my case. Please pass on my gratitude to your team. If I may be off additional assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Take care,


Hi Dr. Peled, my name is J. S. 3 years ago on Christmas Eve i nearly amputated my left foot. There wasn't much holding it together. But luckily i got rushed to the hospital at Walnut Creek. Till this day that memory comes up while with friends or family, telling them the story of how and what had happened to me.
3 years ago Today both Dr. Falkerson (hope i spelled his name right) And your self started performing surgery on my foot, and doing everything possible to actually put my foot back to normal. I want to let you know that you did a wonderful job and thanks to both of you i been able to do what i love to do, like drive my car. which is stick shift by the way, i been able to run play sports and work! I just wish i could thank you enough for your fantastic work because you really made a miracle happen and Gave me back something i thought I surely thought I had lost, my foot. Once again Thank you and happy holidays.

Sincerely: J. S.

Just wanted to let you know that you broke that episode of neuralgia with that local anesthetic Friday. After such a bad time all that night and morning, I have had not one zinger since then, was able to sleep days and work nights over the weekend without pain.

I know this is such a low tech and possibly unimportant-seeming thing for a skilled surgeon to do, but it made an enormous difference in my life that day and I just want to thank you once again.

Take care –


Thank you Dr. Peled and your staff for such wonderful care! You always completely explain my prognosis and put forth the extra effort to answer all my questions. You and your staff encompass all the attributes of medical professionalism blended with personality and always have my best interest at heart.


I'm an elite amateur triathlete and Dr. Peled saved my athletic career. After completing an Ironman in July of 2011, I had severe lateral knee pain on my left side (mainly while running) that wouldn't heal. I tried resting for over 2 months, but the pain persisted. I had several x-rays and multiple MRIs which seemed to show no structural damage. I was told I had IT Band Syndrome, Bursitis and even Patella Femoral Chondormalacia. After visiting 4 different orthopedic surgeons in the NYC area, 2 pain management physicians, a chiropractor, an accupuncturist and 3 different physical therapists, Dr. Peled knew immediately how to fix me. He performed a nerve block to confirm his diagnosis that I had a damaged lateral retinacular nerve. Shortly after his diagnosis, he performed surgery to resect my nerve and 4 months later I am in training for the NYC marathon. Today I competed in my first triathlon since the surgery and not only won, but had the fastest female run split of the day. I'm running stronger than ever and WITHOUT pain. I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Peled. Athletics are a big part of my life and no other physician was able to help me. His knowledge and expertise in the area of peripheral nerve damage/surgery is expansive. Most of the doctors I had seen had never even heard of the procedure. I'm so lucky to have found Dr. Peled and am telling all of my friends that all hope isn't lost when they are told there is nothing that can be done for their pain. Dr. Peled is a consummate professional and thoroughly described the procedure and it's recovery. He made himself available to answer any questions (and I'm not an easy patient!). I would highly recommend Dr. Peled to anyone suffering from pain whose source cannot be diagnosed. i owe any future success in my racing career to him and am thankful with every pain-free step I take.


Dr. Peled and Amy were excellent in every way. Dr. P. understood my nervousness, was available at all times even after hours and took incredible care of me. Amy is a prize, showing as much care and concern as Dr. P.


I am a mid-fifties male, diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy several years ago. My symptoms were horrible and continued to get worse. I tried many types of treatments with no results, until one day I found out about Dr. Peled and read about his nerve decompression surgery methods. Dr. Peled performed a series of procedures on me and now my neuropathy symptoms have greatly improved and are continuing to do so. Thanks to Dr. Peled and his warm and professional staff, I feel way better and am enjoying life more, but best of all I feel an optimism about my future years that I did not have prior to my treatments. Dr, Peled and his crew are top quality providers and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has needs that they can address, which seems to be almost everything. John B.

After more than 20 years of treatment for severe headache pain due to cervical disc disease, including multiple annual cervical epidurals and facet injections, medications, TENS units and a cervical decompression and bilateral greater occipital neurectomy (by another doctor), I was referred to Dr. Ziv Peled for my headache pain by my pain specialist. I had the surgery in November and the results have been miraculous. Before surgery I wore a cervical collar, had to treat my neck throughout the day with ice and heat and was on pain medication every day, all day. All days are now greatly improved, with the vast majority being at least a 75% improvement. Some days I am headache-free fror the first time in over 20 years. I was to told to expect 50% or greater improvement. My results have far exceeded that even since day one.

Mark G.

Great caring doctor. Very nice demeanor. The best of the best.


Dr. Peled,

Words cannot express how thankful we are for your wonderful expertise in Ryan's surgery. You had a calming effect on such a tragic situation and we appreciate your artistic talents in putting his face back together. Thanks for all your hard work in scheduling Ryan's surgery and filling out all his paperwork. We really appreciate you guys a lot!

Kim C.


Dr. Peled,

I wanted to say an overdue thank you for the wonderful care you have given me over the past few months. Before Dr. Wasserman referred me to you, I was at a point where I thought I was just going to have to learn to live with the constant and sometimes very intense and disruptive pain in my foot. It is truly amazing to me that the two surgeries you performed have changed all of that, and I am now free to get on with and enjoy life as it was before my foot was injured in the first place. Thank you, thank you! You are an extremely talented, thoughtful, thorough and skilled physician, and your willingness to work with me towards a resolution of my symptoms is greatly appreciated. All of your patients are very lucky to have you!! Thank you again for everything and best regards.


I saw Dr. Peled for a compressed nerve (Meralgia Paresthetica) on the recommendation of a another specialist after I'd visited numerous other physicians over a three year period. In our first appointment, Dr. Peled diagnosed the source of my discomfort clearly and was very reassuring. My subsequent surgery restored my nerve to perfect health -- once again I am able sleep soundly and am totally free of discomfort with no loss of sensation. When I think of Dr. Peled, quiet, supreme competence comes to mind. He has my highest recommendation.


Dr. Peled,
It was suggested by one of the doctors at the clinic that maybe nerve surgery on my knee might help with the pain that has been there most of the year. [You] suggested surgery on my left knee [which] was done on Oct 7th. By Nov 6 it was so much better, the burning and grinding quit and the other occasional joint pain I can live with.


Dear Dr. Peled,

Many thanks .... I would also like to say that your patients are very lucky to have you as their surgeon.


Dear Dr. Peled,

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You are truly one in a million. Your attention to my condition is something so rare to me. I wish you could teach a class to the rest of the surgeons on how to actually care for a patient. I will always think of you as the best doctor/surgeon that I have never met. I don’t know what I would have done without you. My QOL would have been quite different, but you changed all that. Thanks for being my hero!

Samantha C.

I can't begin to show you my appreciation for all you have done. Thank you a million times for everything.

Corrie C.

Dr. Ziv Peled,

I want to say thanks for fixing my finger. I am feeling a lot better. You did an awesome job on it. I'm so grateful you were there for me on New Year's. Thanks.

Jason A.

Dear Dr. Peled,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the wonderful care and consideration I have been the recipient of while under your care. The patient care that started at the hospital and carried on throughout my surgery and recovery was outstanding. I could not have asked for a more understanding and caring Doctor or staff to help get me through one of the most difficult times in my life. You have not only made it possible for me to continue on in my professional life as a craftsman in many trades by repairing the nerves and tendons in my hand, but also in the many hobbies like motorcycling and boating that I love and enjoy. I am eternally grateful to you for this second chance in life and words could never really express what this means to me and my family.If any of the photos or records from my surgery and recovery can be used to further educate or help someone else in any way I gladly give my permission as the very least I can do to repay what was done for me.Respectfully and with many thanks,

Jason D.

Dr. Peled:

This is a letter I feel is most necessary to thank you for my knee surgeries and the difference they have made in my life. What a miracle this has been for me; my quality of life has been totally improved. These are just a few of the ways in which my life has changed:

Today, I am able to join to my family and friends to go shopping, buy groceries, and cook meals without having to quit as I could not stand long enough to finish what I had started.
I could not stand to get goods, pots and pans, and clothes that were located in the lower drawers. My knees were in such pain when trying to reach any of these items.

Before this wonderful surgery, my pain was unbearable. All this came about when I had replacements of both knees. Having fibromyalgia, some of the nerve endings would not heal and this resulted in a great deal of pain for me. If I tried to get into any of the above-mentioned postures and with any changes in the weather, what it would do to me is almost unbelievable. Now, I can do all these moves without any pain at all! The surgery itself was not painful. I only felt soreness around the stitches. I was able to get up and walk within an hour after waking up from surgery.Thank you Dr. Peled.

Helen L. P.

Dr. Peled,

I am glad I found you. After my brain surgery a couple of years ago, my right side had remained rather compromised. We were committed to getting help with my right hand and right leg. Your interest, concern, and professional expertise have been great for me. Of note, has been the thorough preparation and detailed steps you had me take before surgery on my right hand. You take time to explain procedures and you are easy to talk with. Now that the surgery is completed, your prescribed therapy is really helping me regain use and control of my hand. I look forward now to resuming more of my hobbies in the future. Thank you!

Cynthia W.


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