Mohs/General Reconstruction

221Many people don’t realize that plastic surgeons do many types of surgical procedures other than those talked about on certain TV shows with famous zip codes. Reconstructive surgical procedures do far more than simply close wounds and correct acquired or congenital (those present at birth) defects. These operations have the power to restore both form and function and to make a person feel “whole” again. A perfect example is breast reconstruction after a cancer procedure in which the breast must be removed to save a life.

To describe the breadth of reconstructive options available to patients for any number of situations would require enough text to fill tens of thousands of pages. Indeed, reconstructive techniques and procedures have been developed for patients of all ages and for defects and conditions affecting just about every part of the body. Because of the comprehensive nature of his plastic surgical training at Harvard University, including participation in over 1700 procedures in 3 years, Dr. Peled has the ability to treat many such problems successfully. If you have a question about whether there are reconstructive options for your particular problem, please call the office to schedule a consultation.

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Mohs surgery is often the most effective way to remove a skin cancer in areas of the body where preserving tissue is critical. Examples of such areas include the eyelids, nose, and face. Even certain parts of the hands and feet are relevant as a scar placed in the worng location may lead to loss of function. Mohs surgery is performed by a dermatologic surgeon specially trained in this technique. Occasionally, the cancer has spread further than anticipated and a larger defect is created in removing the entire tumor. In such cases, a plastic surgeon is often needed to reconstruct the area with an eye towards maintaining function, shape, contour, and preserving one's appearance to optimize the aesthetic result. Dr. Peled has performed many such procedures all over the body and works with many Mohs surgeons in the San Francisco Bay area to make whole what cancer has taken away.

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