Skin Care

PinkflowerMany people would like to look younger and surgery is not the only way to achieve a more youthful or refreshed appearance. Nowadays, there are many non-surgical and inexpensive ways of treating your skin so that it appears more vibrant and toned.



ee01For those patients who are beginning to show signs of aging, but who are not ready for surgery, we offer BOTOX®. Performed by Dr. Peled himself, BOTOX is a highly-purified substance administered in a non-surgical procedure and designed to minimize the effects of wrinkles caused by our facial muscles. Examples of these are the crow’s feet on the outside corners of the eyes and the wrinkles on the forehead. By temporarily weakening these muscles, the wrinkles caused by them can be eliminated or significantly reduced resulting in a more youthful appearance. Discomfort is minimal and brief and patients can resume their normal activities immediately. Occasionally, there is some redness in the treated area that dissipates within several hours. A significant improvement is usually seen in 5-7 days and the results will typically last 3-4 months.

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Blonde smileDysport is a recently FDA-approved botulinum toxin which, like Botox, can be used for cosmetic purposes. It represents the newest of the botulinum toxin products and is an exciting addition to the non-surgical techniques which can be used to achieve a more youthful appearance. We are pleased to announce the availability of Dysport in our practice. For more information about this remarkable new product, please call our office.

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For those patients who are beginning to show signs of aging, but who are not ready for surgery, we also offer dermal fillers such as Juvéderm® which are used to minimize the appearance of moderate to fine wrinkles throughout the face. Examples of these types of wrinkles are the ones extending from the sides of the nose down to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds), the ones around the upper and lower lips (perioral rhytids), and those wrinkles which travel from the corners of the mouth down to the sides of the chin (marionette lines). Administered by Dr. Peled himself, Juvéderm® is the newest generation of a family of products called hyaluronic acids and is known for its smoothness and stability. What this means for the patient is a more precise placement and a more lasting result. Depending on the site of injection, a local anesthetic may be administered. Discomfort is minimal and brief and patients can resume their normal activities immediately. Occasionally there is some redness in the treated areas. A significant improvement can usually be seen right away and results often last 6 months or longer.

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anSkin Care

A good skin care regimen is essential to achieving a healthy appearance and patients of all ages can benefit from any number of skin rejuvenation products available today. Our physician-quality skin care solutions are not available commercially and are designed specifically to restore the youthful appearance of healthy skin, minimize fine lines, spots, and wrinkles, and protect against many of the skin problems which occur with sun exposure and aging. We are proud to carry the Vivité® skin care line of products from Allergan for overall skin care maintenance as well as NIA24TM for skin correction and protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Moreover, SkinMedica® is an innovative line of skin care products designed to help with the problems of hyperpigmentation, melasma (uneven skin pigmentation), sallowness, photodamage, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. These treatments can produce powerful results whether used alone or in conjunction with a surgical procedure, often require little downtime and have very low risks or side effects.


Latisse® is the first and only product approved by the FDA which has been proven to grow lashes. When used for a specific period of time, lashes will become fuller, longer, and darker. Latisse® is easy to use and has very little downside in terms of risks or side effects. We are proud to offer this exciting new product in our office.


For additional information about the products and services discussed on this page, please contact our offices at (415) 751-0583 or (925) 933-5700.


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